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 FAQs – The Sail

“The standard minimum contract period is 3 months as this is the legal requirement in Singapore at the moment.  However, we cannot force you to stay if you need to leave earlier, for example, if you change your mind about living in Singapore, or if your employment pass is cancelled, or if you lose your job and need to relocate to another country.  We do understand that these things do happen.  In the event that you need to leave earlier, you would need to give us prompt notice of this fact.

Your monthly payments are due every following month 7-days prior to the monthly roll date in your contract (for example if you moved in on February 8, then your next payment is due on March 1st).  If you should vacate the licensed area, fail to make payment on time or breach any provision in the agreement then we reserve the right to immediately cancel the agreement and your license comes to an end.

Your security deposit balance (less any deductions for late payment, damages, etc.) would be returned after 10 working days after you  moved out from the apartment.”


1.        What is the minimum duration for renting the serviced apartments?

Our shortest lease is three (3) months.

2.        Do you rent by per day or per week?

No, we do not offer rental of the serviced apartments on a daily or weekly basis.  The minimum period is three (3) months, as required by law.

3.        What if I have moved in to your apartment and signed a  three (3) month agreement with you, and  I need to leave the country / move out/ change my mind about Singapore, etc. Can I leave and do I get my Security Deposit refunded ?

Yes, you can leave early, provided that you give us prompt notice of this fact. Your security deposit would be refunded after ten (10) working days after you have moved out of the apartment, less any lawful deductions.

4.        Are you guys in charge of The Sail?

No, we are not part of The Sail Management.

5.        Does The Sail belong to your company?

No, it does not belong to our company.

6.        How long have you guys been around?

Our company was established in 2008.

7.        How many units do you own?

This is information which is confidential to our company.

8.        What is your occupancy rate?

The average occupancy rate is around 80%. During peak seasons we do have full occupation.

9.        Is this a company?


10.        What is the name of your company?

11.     Does your company only do serviced apartments?


12.     Are you guys the landlords or do you rent the units too?

The units are leased under a company’s name.

13.     Are the rents inclusive of GST and service charge?

All of our rates are nett rates. We do not charge GST and any service charge is already factored into our rates.

14.     Do you have corporate rates?

Yes, we do have corporate rates available. These will vary depending on the proposed term of the lease.

15.     Is a security deposit required? Is it refundable?

Yes, a security deposit is required to be paid.  Your security deposit balance (less any deductions for late payment, damages, etc.) would be returned after 10 working days after you have moved out of the apartment.


16.     What does the rent include?

It includes a fully furnished apartment, housekeeping (twice weekly), bed linen and towels, maintenance and servicing, broadband wifi access, cable TV, utilities with a cap of S$150/S$250 per month (no carry-over), condominium facilities and amenities.

17.     What are the modes of payment?

The modes of payment are cash, cheque, bank transfer, and credit card.

18.     Do you provide complimentary breakfast?

Upon request.

19.     Do you provide a shuttle bus service?


20.     Do you provide complimentary airport transfer?

We provide a one-way complimentary airport transfer.

21.     Are pets allowed?

Yes, provided that they do not cause a disturbance to the other residents staying in The Sail and comply with applicable laws and regulations of the condominium.

22.     Can my family or friends stay with me?

Yes, as long as they do not cause a disturbance to the other residents staying in The Sail.  Please note that there are government regulations which provide that eight (8) persons would be the maximum number of persons permitted to stay in the apartment at any one time.

23.     Does your company pay agent commission?


24.     How does your company pay for agent commission?

This depends on the agreement we have with the agent.

If you are interested in our offers, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 8168-1882 or 3152-1028

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